Count on a family friend, in the hours when You need it most!


by António Serafim was founded, with the basic principle of serving the community, at a time when it sees a loved one leaving.

We are committed to supporting families who come to us, taking care of all aspects of the funeral, providing informed advice, with a professional and personal approach.

We understand that each funeral is a highly delicate and emotional occasion, so our employees will do everything possible to meet the requested needs, with all dignity and professionalism.

Its founder and director, António Serafim, with more than 40 years of experience in this sector, with learning carried out in Portugal and Switzerland, applies all his knowledge and that is our differentiation, and with that Funerária Nortenha gained the trust of the community and here we are to continue to serve it.

Our headquarters are in Vilar de Andorinho, and we have a branch in Oliveira do Douro, we perform services throughout the country and abroad.

  • Mission - By the community, for the community.
  • Values ​​- Compassion, respect, dignity and professionalism.
  • Vision - Differentiation through knowledge and proximity.

Count on a family friend, in the hours when you need it most!



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Funerária Nortenha


Funerária Nortenha

Products & Services


Our offer of burial, cremation and bone urns is vast and diverse, choose according to your taste, according to the materials, color and finishes, always with the guarantee of assured quality.


We have a complete catalog of urns for cremation ashes, where you can combine the material, shape, color, design and finishes to your liking and that of your family.


Decoration of Mortuary Chapels, Churches, Burning Chambers at home. Wreaths, branches, plants, candlesticks. Ornaments are more than mere decoration objects, they can bring a memory... because a simple flower arrangement can offer the memory of a happy day.


The inhumation (burial) is certainly the moment of the funeral that raises the most sadness, it is the time for the final farewell, we understand the pain of family and friends who are saying their last goodbye to their loved one. This is the time to be especially discreet, yet always attentive to all procedures.


Cremation, despite being an ancient process, only a few years ago was considered for use in Portugal. After the wake, the body goes in a funeral procession to the crematorium, where the body is reduced to ashes and delivered to the family in an urn intended for this purpose.


The exhumation of bodies is the act of digging up, whether due to overcrowding in cemeteries or for personal or judicial reasons. We have a multidisciplinary team, specialized in carrying out exhumations; we take care of all the bureaucracy up to the procedure in question.


The transfer consists of transporting the inhumed body or its bones to another place, after exhumation, to be cremated or buried again. We carry out body transfer services in Portugal, to Portugal and abroad.


The death of a family member or friend is a very difficult time, there are many complex emotions and sometimes words can fail us. During this difficult time we are here to provide support. We are here to help you express your sympathy and provide comfort and support, flowers are a sign of appreciation and grief.


We gather, process and present all the necessary documentation, with the Local Authorities, Parishes, Social Security, ADSN, Insurance Companies, Associations and other entities, both in our country and abroad, so that the family does not have to take care, in this moment of anguish, of the bureaucratic part, extensive but necessary, for the accomplishment of the Funeral Service.


Funeral Service

Funerária Nortenha

Funeral Service

Classic Funeral

Classic Funeral Whichever option you choose, your loved one will receive a respectful and dignified funeral. We have designed a Classic funeral that will pay a heartfelt tribute to your family and friends.

Services from € 1,316.00 - This amount is guaranteed by Social Security.

We provide services nationwide and abroad.


Funerária Nortenha


Headquarters (1):

Rua de Mariz, N.º 262

Vilar de Andorinho - VNG

Branch Offices (2):

Rua Santos Pousada, N.º 14

Oliveira do Douro - VNG

Cell Phones:

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+351 916 958 786 - 24/24H - 365 Days

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